Folk  Art  Paintings
& Folk Art Portraits
Robert  J.  Arsenault
of Connecticut
Early American Folk Art Paintings
& Folk Art Portraits!

About the Artist:
As a self taught artist I have always been fascinated by Early American history including the "folk
art" style of painting that went along with it. I have studied the styles of many famous folk art
painters, as well as not so famous folk art painters. Folk artists that painted during that very
important period of our great country's beginning were an integral part of our early American
I live in Connecticut with my wife  Joan and our three dogs. We live in an Early American home
built Circa 1740 that was originally owned by a prominent participant in the American Revolution
named Capt. Moses Forbes. We have painstakingly restored our home to be period correct. So as
you can tell, I have a true passion and appreciation for the early American way of life. My early
American style art work has become an extension of that passion!
Two of our favorite places to visit in recent years are
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and Old
Sturbridge Village, in Sturbridge, Massachusettes. They both have given me inspiration and
influenced by painting style.

- All my early American original works are oil on stretched canvas.
- Your painting will be carefully packed and insured, and it will arrive ready for framing!

  FREE SHIPPING TO THE USA (except Alaska and Hawaii)
For shipping costs outside the lower 48 states please contact us.

What are Folk Art Portraits:
The best way to describe folk art portraits is to say it is art crafted by people of a local area that
depicts the everyday life and times they shared. Most folk artists started out as decorators of
furniture. Their styles were unique and eventually, over time, became recognizable to the area
citizens. Traditional art, in contrast, was produced by an accomplished painter whose personality or
life was depicted in the piece.
Folk art portraits were not created by a named artist but by ordinary
people. The items they decorated were used everyday. They were created to make the simple early
American life more enjoyable. The people who created them would never have dreamed of selling
them. The items were passed out to family and friends. There was no price tag. Most now famous
folk artists and folk art painters only became famous well after their death.
The tradition of, and interest in, folk art continues to this day. There are festivals and fairs all
across the country exhibiting the folk art work of different regions. Most of the Folk Art Paintings
created today are a reflection of times past. Colors are bold, brush strokes were broad, most facial
expressions appeared flat, and some features and items seem out of proportion.
Folk art paintings and portraits of children normally contain props. These props are representative
of items or animals that the children of the era played with on a daily basis.
In summary, folk art is a reflection of the history of America. Every piece of art created by me is
an attempt to portray a part of the heritage of the United States. I paint in both primitive style and
realistic style. I would be honored to paint a custom portrait of you, your family, or your home.
Enjoy my gallery and please feel free to contact me with questions.

Thank you for visiting!

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They are not to be used , reproduced, or copied in anyway without prior consent.
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